i crave simple things.

i crave rain on my windows in the morning, sudden light showers without warning; i crave whimsical planning, stardust daydreams, fireworks and cozy streams . i crave nature, a garden, something green, growing something that can be seen. i crave hiking and biking, fireplaces and pretty faces. fresh warm towels and candlelights, taking baths and neon signs; dream catchers and pastel colors, toothy smiles and helping others.

i crave sunday mornings and breakfast nooks, reading books, kitschy looks; i crave bake sales and ptas, holding hands and pda, i crave trips to the park and walks in the dark, eating sweet delights and kissing under starry nights. i crave berry picking, sweater knitting, baking, painting and bridal fittings; arts and crafts and lanyard making, sidewalk chalk and picture taking; summer night fireflies, flagstone walkways, big green eyes; koi ponds, fountains, christmas lights, aquariums and flying kites.

i crave all these, yes it’s true.

but most of all…i crave you.


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