Coping With Tonal Shifts In Reality: A Podcast

Coping with tonal shifts in reality I have an audio project I’ve been working on for a while. Presented as a somewhat scifi audio presentation to the listener, “Coping With Tonal Shifts In Reality” is a “podcast”, hosted by the listeners assigned betterment host, Samantha Gold in this case, to help them cope with their mental health. Throughout the series, Samantha tries to give advice and fix what she can for the user, all while sometimes giving her own backstory from time to time about how her own life was affected by mental health. It’s a bit different than stuff I normally do, but I’m hoping people will at least give it a shot and see if they like it or not. I recognize that by using a text to speech processor, it might be a bit grating to listen to, but I think the voice sounds fairly natural enough to get past that hitch. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and will listen when the show officially launches on December 4th. Just click here to be linked to the trailer. The official description is below.

Coping With Tonal Shifts In Reality is a podcast set up as a medically mandated auditory therapeutic session between the listener and their assigned betterment host, in this case, Samantha Gold. Samantha tries to help the user assess and analyze their complex psychological issues, perhaps bypass them and move on, all while giving information on her own issues. It soon becomes clear things are not exactly as clean as they seem, as the user begins to form a bond with Samantha, and she tells you a story about sadness.

Hey, I’m Maggie. Did you like this thing I made? Then you might like some other things I make, like my depressing space webcomic “In Space, No One Can Hear You Cry” or my new site “Sad Party”, where I encourage people to talk about how miserable they feel so others can feel better. As always, you can also donate to my SquareCash, and it’s greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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