Coping With Tonal Shifts In Reality: Episode 4 “Let’s Hang It On The Fridge”

Having taken last week off due to exhaustion and sickness, we return this week with a brand new episode of my podcast about fixing your brain with robots. In this weeks episode, Samantha may accidentally break USER 147s heart by recounting a story about her childhood, and moving on. If you like this podcast, you can subscribe to my Patreon, where, for a mere buck a month, you can get each episode a whole week early!

I’m Maggie. If you like this thing I made, you might like some other things I make, like my depressing webcomic “In Space, No One Can Hear You Cry”, the satirical online newspaper of “Nowhere, US” or my writing over at Medium. You can also donate to my PayPal or support my work at Patreon, where you’ll get access to patron only content and new content early, all for as cheap as a buck a month! Thanks for reading!


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