Coping With Tonal Shifts In Reality: Episode 11 “Letters To The Woman Who Ruined Me”

Welp. It’s here. This is quite possibly the single most ambitious undertaking I’ve taken in years, and I could not be more excited to see it to completion. I really hope you guys listen to and enjoy this. This podcast couldn’t have been made without help from a few friends and I’ll be forever grateful for them, and my patrons, for allowing me to tell this somewhat autobiographical story. Here’s the episode description:

In the Season 2 opener, It’s been a few months since a revelation tore therapy asunder. Now, USER 147 and her robotic therapist Samantha Gold are going to try and move on, any way they can, so they can begin to fix even bigger problems than they originally thought there to be. It won’t be easy. Nothing ever is.

Thank you guys so much. This project has become so important to me, and I really just hope it resonates with people. If you like this episode, this project or just other things I do, and you wanna hear next weeks episode TODAY, then I suggest mosying on over to my Patreon, where, for a buck a month, you get next weeks episodes a whole 7 days early, and for 3 bucks a month, you even get credited for supporting it! I hope you guys like this. Enjoy your time in therapy.

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