You Ruined Everything: The Book That Saved Me

Back in 2014, just before I left California to live with my girlfriend in Washington, I started writing something. I was pissed off at my family, I was mad at the world and myself and so I just started typing. I’d written novellas and short stories and all sorts of things before, but this…this felt different. Come early 2015, the book was done, and suddenly I had a 55k novel on my hands for the very first time. Since that time, my girlfriend has been editing it and trying to make a physical copy via multiple websites that do independent publishing. Back in 2017, we finally released the epub for sale on Payhip, and I was thrilled. Then we discovered Lulu.

This is such a big moment for me. This is something I have dreamed of my entire life, to be holding an actual physical, professional copy of something I created. Back when I was a kid, I used to make comic books. I’d write and draw it all and staple it together, sometimes I’d collect copies and then take them to a Kinkos to make a “bound collection” version. They weren’t like this, but they made me feel like I was making progress. But this? Today I officially feel like I’ve created something that will finally outlast me.

So here it is, in all its glory. The first ever printed copy of my 2015 debut novel “YOU RUINED EVERYTHING”, now available for sale to own over at my Big Cartel storefront, linked right here. Thank you to everybody who has supported me and loved me and helped me, I promise I won’t ever forget that.

Now, onto the next book.

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I’m Maggie. If you like this thing I made, you might like some other things I’ve done, like my 2015 novel “You Ruined Everything”, my podcast network “The Feel Bad Network” or my feed over at Ello. You can also find some published work for sale over at my Payhip , buy prints/stickers and more at my online store on Big Cartel, or support my work at my Patreon! Anything helps & is appreciated, thanks!

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