Closer To Monsters Through Book Form

CTM01So this Tuesday marks the 100th CLOSE TO MONSTERS strip, and I was thinking that perhaps I should do something for it, other than just making the 100th strip and releasing it. I’ve always wanted to eventually collect them and put them into a book, but just 100 comic strips? That’s not really worth it, is it? So I started adding ideas to that, such as perhaps a blurb for each and every single strip, trying to explain how I was feeling at the time. This makes a lot of sense seeing as CTM is the single most emotionally connected piece of work that I do that resembles my state of health when it is made. I also thought to maybe throw in perhaps some strips that never got published, for one reason or another like I didn’t like them much or perhaps they were too funny (it can’t be that they weren’t funny cause let’s face it I’m hilarious), and other little odds and ends like that.

So, if that sounds like something you would be interested in, let me know! Comment here to tell me what you think, and if you would actually genuinely buy a copy. I’d also totally be making them in cbr/cbz formats as well, which of course would be a lot cheaper than the real deal, but I would hope you’d want the real deal cause, come on, the real deal is cool and it rhymes. Anyway, here’s to the next 100 CLOSE TO MONSTERS and the eventual betterment of my mental state!

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