1456305263638This is CoyoteFugly, an blog all about failure, sadness and the acceptance that life simply ain’t gonna turn out the way you want it to. It is a blog about being okay with being terrible. It is a blog about realizing that you are not the sum of your failures, and that they are merely a part of your whole. I post art, fiction and diary type entries here. You can read fiction or poetry by clicking on the “Fiction” tab or read my webcomic “Close To Monsters” under that tab.

I’m Maggie. I’m 28 and gay as sin. I live with my girlfriend and our dog in Texas. I write, draw, make art and occasionally do laundry. If you’ve made it to this blog, I am so sorry. I really, truly am, and I hope for the best for you.

If you like what I do, you can always donate here using SquareCash or at my Kofi which accepts PayPal, cause this is really all I’m good at and dear god please don’t make me put on pants and get a real job.


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