Help Maggie Publish THE VOID


For the last 2 years or so, I’ve been writing, drawing and inking an extremely personal comic that I consider to be some of my absolute best work. The comic is called THE VOID. Now, I am looking for help getting not just this graphic novel, but other books and comics published and sold. The description of THE VOID is as follows:

[REDACTED] has awoken floating in an empty, ethereal space, with only a disembodied voice, that calls itself The Void, to talk to. This is made all the more upsetting by the fact that The Void seems to know a lot about [REDACTED] than she’s comfortable with, and more than that, wants to help her get past her grief, her trauma and more to dig out the real problems in her life. But, more than anything else, [REDACTED] simply wants to know how she ended up here, and why…

I have made a GoFundMe for this endeavor, and really hope people want to help. I really want people to read these things, and I’d love to make physical copies of them. I have included small excerpts from the comic below to show you some of the artwork and writing. Anyway, if you’d love to help, please go to the GoFundMe and donate. If you donate more than 5 bucks, you’ll get your name in the back of the books as a “supporter”. Thank you so much for listening and reading my blog.


So please, help me make this dream a reality. Thanks for the support.

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