The 1000 Legged Animal

A horrifying sight, if physical, but in the metaphorical sense, glorious, and perhaps even a bit enviable. To have 1000 legs, to never have to stop walking, running, moving forward. To never get tired. To swap out a single pair of legs for a fresh pair when you need to. To always carry on. I live in the wilds, just outside your reach; a myth of mental health. You think you’ve seen me, you think you can become like me, but I’m always the blur in the photo, an unattainable goal. The creature with 1000 legs, who doesn’t let anything get by them, who doesn’t let anything stop them, who doesn’t let anything keep them from getting to their destination. Inspiring? Perhaps. Frightening ? Well, I do have 1000 legs, so, possibly, sure. But I carry on.

I race through wooded forests and cavernous valleys. I sprint across deserts and ice covered plains. I shamble over swamps and bogs and skip through fields of flowers. I have 1000 legs, and I can keep going forever. I will never be stopped. I am going to get to my destination, no matter what. And sometimes I’ll hurt an ankle, and sometimes I’ll stub a toe, and sometimes I’ll hit my heel, but I always continue. I simply pop a different leg into the socket where the old one once was and I keep going, because that is what I do. It is what I have to do. It is all that I know how to do. I’ve fallen more times than I can count, but with my numerous legs I always managed to get right back up again. I’m never down for long.

I am a thousand legged animal, hurrying through my environments, most of which toxic, some of which beautiful, to reach my end goal; an environment that I actually belong to, an ecosystem that I can actually survive in. Surrounded, perhaps, by others like myself, who kept going when they had no reason to, who never let the fact that their legs kept breaking stop them from pushing ever onward. Envied. Despised. It doesn’t matter to me. What matters is reaching the place I’ve set out to arrive at. I love that I have 1000 legs. It keeps me from ever getting any closer to you, as I am always a thousand steps ahead. You wallow in your despair, but I scurry to a healthier home.

I am a thousand legged animal, always moving, always going forward.

Feet don’t fail me now.

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