Failure Fridays #1

thing3Welcome to Failure Fridays.

For Christmas this past year, my mother got me a collection of motivational quote cards. Uplifting, inspiring, hope filled cardboard textiles that make me nausea filled than hope filled. So naturally, I took them and made them into miserable quotes, using only a sharpie. Every friday, I will post all the failures I had for the past week, a long with a card. One of the reasons for doing this is because I think it’s better to be able to look at your shortcomings and go, “Alright, let’s try harder next week.” I may never succeed, but as they say, at least I’m making the effort. So here’s what happened this past week that I felt bad about.

  • Struggled to finish writing a book I feel I really inflated with too many ideas, subplots and uninteresting characters
  • Bought supplies for a new art project, but have yet to have a single idea that was even remotely interesting or creative
  • Overspent at the grocery store
  • Continually forgetting to brush my teeth, or shower. Depression is awful, man
  • Bought a CD case for some discs but bought the wrong size. May have to buy another

That’s really all I can come up with right now. Not too bad, but not great either, especially creatively. Bad week creatively. If you have any failures from the past week, leave them in the comments. Maybe we can build a support group.